The Encore 100


Our Encore 100 Membership is complete! Thank you to all of our generous founding members of The Encore. With your support we have had a fabulous start to our vision of bringing musical theatre to Dexter and the surrounding communities. YOU have made The Encore possible. THANK YOU! – Dan, Paul and Anne

The Encore Theatre graciously acknowledges support from our Encore 100 members.

Debra Adair*

Darryl & Pat Albright

Leo Babcock

Nicholas Beatty

*Steve and Judy Bemis

Bistro Renaissance

Della and Jack Blanchard

Booth Plumbing & Heating

Dr. Terry and Kate


Margaret & Steve Brouwer

Maryanne Bruce

Ron Bruce

*Gil & Marge Campbell

Mike & Barb Cantlin

Larry & Jennifer Coates

Jen, Chuck, Mariah, Evan &

Eliza Colby

Jim Conklin

*Dan Cooney

*Ruth & Charles Cooney, Sr.

Karen & Charles Cooney, Jr.

Jeff & Lori Cooney

William J. Cooney

Jim & Mary Cornils

Pat & Paul Cousins

Madison Deadman

Donald & Donna Dettling

Dexter Chamber of


Dexter Daze Committee

Dexter Mill

Dexter Pub

*Anne & Sean Donevan

*Barb & Bill Doolittle

Bryana Dorfman

The Doucette Family

William & Susan Dysarczyk*

Janet & Dan Egeler*

Rachael Eubanks

& Silas Johnson

*Judy & Tom Feldmann

Dan Fowler

Jamasb Sokansanj & Janice


*Susan Kathleen Glowski

*Jessica Grove´

*Willie & Katie Grove´

John & Sandy Hansen

Tim & Tracy Horvath

In Memory of Lynn Cullen

Belle Janiszewski

Mike and Sheree Kearns

Kearns Brothers, Inc.

Patricia & Lee Knapp

*Paul & Anne Koch

Robert Koke

Dr. Brent & Liz Kolb

Mary Kaye & Matt


Renee Laliberte & Michael


Bruce Larson & Maureen


Gloria Leininger

*Dick & Ellen Lundy

*John and June Mann

Jill Love & Rod Marlow

Ginny & Bill McKeachie

*Diana McKenna

*Jamie & Tracy Mistry

Fred & Judy Model

*David & Janice Mohler

Mark & Mary Mueting

Julie Nagel, PhD.

Joe & Julie Nowak

Dan & Abby O’Haver

Dr. Hal and Pat O’Kray

Kathy & Mike O’Rear

Joyce Obradovich

Walter Winston Oneil

Valerie & Tony Opipari

Joseph & Elaine Owsley

Dave & Kathy Pollak

Ron & Pat Pudduck

*David & Stephanie Pyne

Bernice Reed

Robertson Morrison, Inc.

John Sartor

Michael Sawaya

*Frederick & Diane Schmid

*Marni Schmid

Victoria Schon

Elsi & Robert Sly

Spring Valley Trout Farm

Mary & Bill Stockwell

*Robert L. Strauss & Steven

B. Stout

*Dr. Mike and Karen


Darcel & Mary Tolle

Dr. Robert Turck

Gary & Linda Vander Haagen

*Brad Vincent

Dan & Joh Walker

*Keith & Barbra Watkins

Stephen & Amy West

*Randy & Kathy Willis

*Dr. Mary P. Wisely

*Jackie Wright

*Debi & Larry Zahn

* denotes Encore 100 Angel